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Our Story: Mark & Dena Canfora

We've Got Hope Ministries

We’ve Got Hope Ministries was established after my oldest child of five, Mark Jr., went home to be with the Lord on July 12, 2005. Since then, there have been thousands of salvations in Christ (including over 300 at the funeral services) as a result, and millions have heard the testimony of how great and loving God is during our most challenging times.

Today, family troubles, drugs, alcoholism, bullying and thoughts of suicide bombard families. Our message is one of encouragement: Surrender your circumstances to God and allow Him to guide you to victory. I share this through the personal testimony of a loving God in the midst of the most tragic event of my life – the death of my oldest son.

My hope is that through an open-hearted approach and deep compassion for the struggles of others, I can deliver a message that is applicable to anyone in a difficult season of life and most importantly point them to the Savior.

If your desire is to reach students and families experiencing the trials of life with first-hand understanding and compassion, please contact us.

Over the course of the last few years, the ministry has evolved into several outreach ministries including:

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Joel Davis, Family Life Ministries

“Mark Canfora has an inspiring, tremendous & powerful story of hope and healing. Many have come to Jesus Christ through his tragedy.”

“There is such a need for this ministry of hope and healing. Mark has suffered loss in his son Mark Jr., and instead of being angry or having the grief to turn him away from the Lord, he has turned that loss into something good.”

Jan MarkowitzMoody Bible

“Mark Canfora has found the loving power of God in the deepest valley of his life! A true story of how much God loves us!”

Larry WayneEvening Host, K-Love Radio Network

“Mark has quite a testimony here! He gets your attention right away.”

John DebrineSongtime Radio Ministries

“God used your book to give me an opportunity to share the best gift I can ever share (the gift of salvation) with my daughter. Today she prayed to receive Christ.”

AndreaFrom Ohio

“Mark Canfora’s story will help every reader live with an eternal perspective, which is such a message of hope for us all.”

DebbieFrom Florida

“Mark, you are an inspiration to us all. A parent’s loss of a child is the worst pain. Your faith and words of salvation help us focus on what we have to look forward to in heaven with our Savior Jesus Christ.”

LisaFrom Ohio

“I just can’t thank Mr. Canfora enough for his book, for sharing his story, and for caring about others who are hurting.”

AngieFrom Florida

“Thank you for bringing God back into my life!”

MandyFrom Ohio

“Thank you for your prayers for my son. I know as he reads this book, he will again begin to have the strength and trust in Jesus that he so needs and searches for. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate what you do for us. May God continue to bless you in your work for Him."

Robin Courtney

“I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the Celebration of Life Festival in Barberton, OH in 2007. Thank you for caring about others enough to help them – and me. Jesus really is the answer to life’s problems!”

DaveFrom Ohio

“I think I need more of your books! Everyone is seeing something in me, and they’ve asked about my attitude change. I share with them about the book and have given away my extra copies. Thank you so much! This is what I’ve needed all along!”

Jennifer Hesson-Bellamy