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At 2:30 a.m. on July 12, 2005, Mark Canfora received a call from his sixteen-year-old daughter: “Daddy, Marky’s dead.” His eighteen-year-old son had passed away. As a result of this tragedy, Mark would never be the same.

 This heartbroken father tells his story with honesty and vulnerability, sharing his journey from grief-stricken thoughts of his own suicide to God-fueled courage and a ministry that now offers comfort and hope to thousands. Mark Canfora writes, “Acting on my faith in God and my love for Him, I hope and pray that this book will help and encourage others who suffer the shocking loss and excruciatingly painful tragedy of the death of a loved one, especially the death of a child.”

From Book to Film

The Book: “Alive in Heaven” is being made into a feature film.

“What an inspiring story of God’s love and our hope in Him! God will use this book to encourage many toward a closer walk with their Lord, lead lost people to salvation, and help all who read it be better equipped to remember that even life’s harshest tragedy falls under God’s sovereign authority, is intertwined with His grace and mercy, and comes wrapped in His love. Mark Canfora’s story will help every reader live with an eternal perspective, which is such a message of hope for us all.”

DebbieFrom Florida

“I checked out the first three chapters of your book, and all I can say is WOW! Especially now that I have my son Vinny, I couldn’t imagine everything you went through that night, and every day since. You, and all that you and your family do in terms of your faith is VERY inspiring to me. Your relationship with God is exemplary, to say the least, and I am sure HE is pleased with all that you have done and are doing. You are helping a lot of people find their way, me included, and I wanted to share my appreciation of that with you. Furthermore, I have also always wanted to mention to you that it is always a blessing when you pray at the gatherings, when you finish your prayer, I always think to myself, now THAT is how to pray! Take care, God bless, and keep up the faith and the good works!”

John T.From Ohio

“I lost my son Trevor on Easter Sunday of 2009 in Panama City, Florida, and Mark Canfora’s book touched my heart. I can relate so much to his description of his pain. Trevor was our blue-eyed angelÉ and he had Down syndrome. The heart and soul of our family, Trevor was all about love, unconditional love. Even in his death, Trevor changed my life. All I could think to do was cry out to Jesus and beg Him to be with me. For the first time ever, I began reading the Bible; I yearned to know God, and I cried with Him, prayed to Him, yelled to Him….and it is only by His grace that I am here today. I just can’t thank Mr. Canfora enough for this book… for sharing his story and for caring about others who are hurting….Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

AngieFrom Florida

“Thank you so much for bringing Mark Jr. into all of our lives. You should be proud of him! I will greatly miss him until we meet again. And, Mr. Canfora, thank you for bringing God back into my life!”

Mandyhigh-schooler from Ohio

“I’m finding myself using all my free time to read further into the manuscript! I have cried and then lifted hands in praise to God from one moment to the next. An amazing story! I’ve read the first 3 chapters so far. I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with you in telling your story of a loving God!”

Larry WayneNational On-Air Host, K Love Radio/California

“The three chapters of your manuscript are beautifully written. You can sense the tender-loving care of two fathers – You and our heavenly Father. I am the father of a 10 year old and a 14 year old, so I was immediately into the atmosphere of your book. Thank you for sending it. You have captured my heart with your heart of God. I only read the first two chapters. I got on your web page, and although I don’t know you, I feel like I do. I can already tell that you are a man of God who has been broken of God, and your life is spilling into the lives of so many…”

“I realize anything could happen even if you train up a child in the ways they should go. I cried while reading your story. It is not even close to home, but the possibilities and challenges of the teen age years seem endless. From the little that you sent, my heart was deeply touched.”

PaulFirst Baptist Church of Atlanta and In Touch Ministries

“Today I picked up a copy of your book to share with a father whose daughter committed suicide this week. I have a 5 yr old with lots of questions and she was asking about your book. I explained a little of what it was about and she wanted to see a picture of your son. She then asked me if… he was in heaven. I told her yes he was, because he had asked Jesus to forgive him of his sins and asked Jesus to come into his heart and save him. He believed that Jesus died on the cross for his sin and wanted Him to be King over his life. This is all stuff she has heard before. Well today for whatever reason, it clicked. She says, “Mama – I need to get saved, I have not done that and I want to see Jesus someday. How can I get Him in my heart?” I went over it again with her asking her questions making sure she understood. So today prayed to receive Christ.

“God used your book to give me an opportunity to share the best gift I can ever share with my daughter.”

AndreaFrom Ohio

“This is a powerful book and I pray that God uses it in a miraculous way. The enemy has really worked against it and I’ve sensed real spiritual warfare as I read it, but God is victorious!”

JamesFrom Indiana

“Oh Mark, I’ve just read what you sent to read. Mark, I have cried my eyes out reading this, but I also know it will bless and help many, many, many parents who’ve gone thru the same thing. You my brother are anointed to write this book. I pray for God’s blessings, favor on this book. Love in Christ.”

MagdaFrom Ohio

“Let me first offer my condolences on the passing of your son. This is a gripping story and I can understand why the community has rallied behind you. I love it when the heart of the people is called by God through tragedy to draw closer. I’m sad it has to happen in circumstances like yours but God always has a plan. What a blessing!”

RodneyFrom Tennessee

“When I read your two chapters, I discovered that they certainly are written well with lots of feeling and force. You do have talent. So many people have lost children – with accidents, war, disease, so your book would have a built in audience with families and parents.”

LindaFrom Illinois

“It is hard to read through my tears. I keep thinking this is so important. This is going to touch so many people. It’s so wonderful you could do this. How do I get more chapters to read, I can’t wait until the book is released!”

ChrisFrom Ohio

“Mark, as the parent of four children, from teens to toddlers, your ministry is very moving to me, and I applaud your bold outreach. Parents can be very quiet about this type of pain, even though when we connect, the power of many is so much more of comfort. Your work and your message are so very much needed.”

KellyFrom Maryland