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Alive in Heaven – the Film

The Book: “Alive in Heaven” is being made into a feature film. The Movie rights are under contract and this real life story of tragedy, hope and healing is planned to hit the big screen.

A Message from the Executive Producer

I met Mark Canfora about 5 years ago at a screening of a previous faith based film I produced called LOVING THE BAD MAN.  Mark had driven 8 hours to attend the screening and to meet Stephen Baldwin and me.  I was so impressed with Mark’s commitment to his ministry and the power in his message that we immediately agreed to work together to bring Mark’s book and life’s story to the big screen.  I want to make this film because I believe we can change lives and provide hope and inspiration to millions of people in the world who have suffered immeasurable loss and tragedy.

Please join me in supporting this film financially so that we can adapt the book to a screenplay, hire a casting director and advance this project to the next stage along the path of making the film ALIVE IN HEAVEN a reality!

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