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Alive In Heaven

Alive in Heaven: The Book
having an eternal impact on many who read it!


Hope for You

"I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me." Phillipians 4:13


Memorial Wall

Never Forgotten, Never Alone.


Bringing Hope to You

Celebration of Life and Message of Hope Gatherings


We've Got Hope is an outreach to those that have suffered the tragic loss of a child or loved one.


Reaching the world one broken heart at a time.


Our goal is to comfort those who suffer, grieve, and mourn by sharing the love of Jesus Christ.


We've got HOPE that is guaranteed and eternal!

Turning loss into something good.

“There is such a need for this ministry of hope and healing. Mark has suffered loss in his son Mark Jr., and instead of being angry or having the grief to turn him away from the Lord, he has turned that loss into something good.”

Jan Markowitz, Moody Bible

Memorial Wall | Never Forgotten. Never Alone.


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Emelia Faye Whitaker 6/24/2010 – 7/1/2010

June 15, 2024

Dawson Clay Bingham 09/23/1999-04/23/2023

June 6, 2024

Erik K. T. Torres 08/03/1987-07/10/1988

May 26, 2024

Kenneth E Buchanan 10/20/1989 – 02/11/2024

May 24, 2024

A powerful story of hope and healing.

“Mark Canfora has an inspiring, tremendous & powerful story of hope and healing. Many have come to Jesus Christ through his tragedy.”

Joel Davis, Family Life Ministries

The Book

Alive in Heaven – the key tool for We’ve Got Hope Ministries, sharing a message of hope in the midst of tragedy!


Listen to the testimony of Mark Canfora, and how God continues to work through We’ve Got Hope!


Words of encouragement, passages and songs of hope, free resources and a chance to host an event. Hope specifically for you!

A story of how much God loves us!

“Mark Canfora has found the loving power of God in the deepest valley of his life! A true story of how much God loves us!”

Larry Wayne, Evening Host, K-Love Radio Network